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Peplink Balance 310 5G

Peplink Balance 310 5G

The Peplink Balance 310 5G is a high-performance router designed to provide fast and reliable connectivity for businesses and organizations that require high-speed, low-latency networking capabilities.


Key features:


5G Connectivity:

The Balance 310 5G supports 5G cellular connectivity, providing businesses with a high-speed, low-latency network connection that can be used as a primary or backup WAN link.


Load Balancing and Link Aggregation:

The device can balance traffic and allocate bandwidth across multiple Internet connections, improving network performance and providing failover redundancy. It supports link aggregation and load balancing across WAN links, allowing businesses to balance traffic and prevent network downtime.


VPN and Remote Access:

The device provides secure remote access to corporate networks via VPN, allowing employees to access the network from anywhere. It supports multiple VPN protocols, including IPsec, PPTP, L2TP, and OpenVPN, and can create up to 30 simultaneous VPN tunnels.


Bandwidth Management:

The Balance 310 5G allows businesses to prioritize traffic and allocate bandwidth according to their needs, ensuring that critical applications receive the necessary bandwidth.


High Availability:

The device supports high availability features, including WAN a