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Ajax Keypad

Ajax Keypad

Ajax KeyPad helps to manage the Ajax security system. Arm the system with a passcode or with the touch of a button. Use a duress code to send a silent alarm to a central monitoring station.

The KeyPad is optional as Ajax can be controlled from a smartphone or the Remote/SpaceControl

  • Works up to 1,700 metres from Ajax Hub in open space or across several floors of a business centre
  • Allows for partial arming of the system
  • Indication of protection status
  • Protection against password guessing
  • Arm/disarm with a passcode One button arming
  • Features

    • Power supply: 4 AAA batteries
    • Power supply voltage: 3 V
    • Operating temperature range: from 0°С to +50°С
    • Operating humidity: up to 80%
    • Weight: 172 g
    • Battery life is up to 2 year
  • Dimensions

    150 х 102.5 х 13.2 mm

Excluding Sales Tax