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Wi-Fi on Boats

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

Looking for a solution to poor signal and slow speeds on the boat? We hear you, and there is a solution to suit your needs, 4G and Wi-Fi systems offering better signal and better speeds.

Global Marine is the leader in high end tech solutions for the marine industry. Our team has years of experience in this sector and has put together packages that really perform. Clients are messaging us from up to 70km offshore just to let us know they're still connected.

We only work with the best, and this is why our solutions outperform most others.

The Right Gear for the Job.

Don't settle for average. Do it once, do it properly, future-proof your solution.

What is Required?

Firstly it's important to know what you are trying to achieve, do you want to stream the All Blacks game while sitting in a bay or out fishing? Or do you want to be able to stay on top of work with Zoom calls or remote meetings? Maybe you just want to keep the kids quiet online on long passages.

"We were streaming from Invercargill to Stewart Island with no downtime." – M/Y Duchessa (32m Johnson Motor Yacht)

The Antenna

It will come as no surprise to you that the antenna is an integral part of picking up good signal, especially offshore. The further out you go from the cell stations the poorer the signal will be. The higher up the better, but if the antenna in use is not specifically design for the application you will get sub-par performance which can be very frustrating. There are many options available for big boats and small, we'll make sure you get the right one for your needs.

The Modem

Partnered with several manufacturers offering high spec, high quality 4G modems. Portable battery powered solutions or twin CAT12 modems offering up to 1Gbps download are available (Higher speeds available, just ask!). Speak to us for more technical advice and we can suggest the best from our range to suit.

The Install

Every bit counts, that is - antenna, cabling, modem. From top to bottom the components have to be configured correctly to allow for the best possible performance. Positioning the antenna, running the cable and positioning the modem all have a part to play in the overall performance. The shorter the cable the better the signal, and the closer the modem to the users, the better the Wi-Fi. Consider things like radar, spotlights etc all potential blockers to your antenna's signal, likewise you do not want to mount the modem in a compartment surrounded by steel. We have a network of approved quality installers to ensure the job is done right.

The SIM or Data Plan

Most plans are pretty good these days and offer unrestricted speeds for a limited amount of data. It's important to get a plan that isn't going to slow down on you and drop out in the middle of that rugby game or important business meeting. Different networks also work better that others in different areas. We use Vodafone and offer fully unlimited data packages with no speed restrictions with our systems.

In Summary

If you are after un-interrupted high-speed data to keep you connected on the boat then give us a call or get in touch. Our clients use data for a range of reason whether it be entertainment, streaming solutions for marketing or running businesses remotely.

Don't hesitate to get in touch if you're after a solution like this, our team will be happy to take your enquiry.

"No one else can offer us unlimited data cards in NZ. It's a big difference for our guests and owner alike." – M/Y Mahoenui (40m Princess Motor Yacht)


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