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Wi-Fi for When the Fish ain't Biting

We all love heading out on the boat, loaded up with gold reels and fancy lures to chase elusive gamefish around the ocean. For days on end this can get a bit tiresome, especially if you haven't even seen so much as a fin.

How good would it be to have Wi-Fi available for days like this and quiet nights in the bay?

Last week Dan from our team went out to chase Southern Bluefin tuna on the Ngatoro Knoll around 50nm offshore in the bay of plenty. Conditions were stunning, there was hardly a breathe out there. Chat on the radio was hopeful but there wasn't much action at all despite the weather and enthusiasm from anglers.

With a bit of downtime (a lot) we rigged up the Poynting antenna and Celerway GO modem to see what this could do in a real world offshore setting, the results were fantastic. Being about to achieve a streamable data connection at over 30 nautical miles was impressive. Not only were we able to stream HD on several platforms, but we could download the latest weather, get the SST's updated and send pictures of the sunset to our friends - just to let them know how good it was out there