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Starlink Maritime

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

Going where it matters!

You've seen the hype, you've seen the satellites, let's bring it down to earth and check out what it can do for marine. This means that the 2500+ satellites currently orbiting the earth will be able to provide high-speed data to the maritime industry.

"The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has approved SpaceX to provide satellite comms to moving vehicles."

Global Marine has several successful installations into marine environments with exceptional results. The antenna is compact and easy to install into existing domes to aesthetically replace redundant satellite systems.

SpaceX states that Starlink Maritime can offer up to 350Mbps with impressive latency when stacked up against fibre or wire connections. This is previously unheard of in marine and satellite solutions have been synonymous with outlandish data and hardware prices. Starlink Maritime sells for $10'000 USD with a monthly fee of $5'000 on pay as you go plans, it's no wonder the maritime sector is chomping at the bit to get these.

Satellite communications systems boast a speed of "up to 10Mbps" on what they call high-speed, and a hardware cost of $30'000+ for some models. Not only is the Starlink Maritime about to blow the commercial marine industry away, but the residential product has been proven to work on moving vessel too.

This sits at a much more affordable price for the every day boat owner at NZD $1040 for hardware (+ Shipping and handling fee) and a fixed rate of NZD $199 per month (Standard fee $159, roaming/portability fee $40).


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