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Onboard Security and Monitoring

Everyone wants to know their assets are protected, including your insurer. One way to give you peace of mind is by implementing a security and monitoring system on your boat. Some of the solutions include security cameras, bilge sensors, fire detection and battery monitors.

Security Cameras

Security cameras can be installed on your boat with motion detection and setup to take a photo once activated sending it directly to your phone. Should you be expecting a maintenance contractors or crew onboard you will know who it is and when they arrive. If the visitor is unexpected there is option to add a siren which can be remotely activated, or even a speaker so you can communicate with them.

Being able to check in on live cameras is a great benefit should bad weather be coming through as well. You will be able to notify marina staff should something be wrong or there is a threat to your vessels security.

Bilge Sensors

Sensors can be placed in a vessels bilge to notify the owner if excess water ingress has taken place and also gives an indication of whether the auto bilge system on your boat is operating properly. Global Marine offers systems which run independently to your boat's system meaning even you have a power failure this system will remain online.

Fire Detection

I know what you're thinking... what can I do if this happens? All too often by the time you have a fire onboard things move pretty quickly and it may be too late. Some more intensive setups can integrate with onboard fire-fighting systems which can be activated remotely. Being able to place sensors in different areas of the boat also means that if an investigation does need to take place there will be a record of what sensors were activated. As electrical faults are the most common source of ignition on boats having a system run independently offers great protection.

Battery and Power Monitoring

Have you considered what you may lose should you have a power shortage onboard? Apart from whatever is in the freezer power loss can affect anything electrical in the boat, like the bilge systems for example. Knowing that your boat is online and that the essential equipment is operating - like bilge pumps, brings great peace of mind. And let's face it, there is nothing worse than turning up to a boat to head out on a nice day and finding the batteries have gone flat and you can't start the main engines, or even worse, your freezer full of bait has turned off leaving you with a horrible mess to deal with. No body wants that.

Use Cases

If you're a boat owner you're all about looking after your boat, after all - you've worked hard to afford a nice boat and time on the water is one of life's finest therapies.

LINK allows owners and crew to check in on systems to monitor and control, being able to implement hierarchical access means you can give limited access to members of a group allowing them to attend to any issues.

LINK can integrate with any system onboard and offer control and monitoring remotely. If you have an issue with say a generator, main engine, AV system - you can give remote access to the technician or support person for the product in question. This means an efficiently run vessel saving time and money by being able to troubleshoot on the fly.

If LINK sounds like overkill for your application then Ajax systems can offer simple effective security and monitoring. This can include things like keyfobs for family and friends likely to use the boat and keypad access for workers.

There really are many ways to ensure your vessel is safe and secure. Contact our team at GMTS to find out how we can help you protect your asset.

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