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A truly futuristic approach to A&M!

LINKbridge creates an ecosystem with your onboard equipment and devices, offering the end-user greater connectivity control and functionality.

Crafted in the UK, LINKbridge is not only robust and reliable but manufactured to the highest quality and finish.

LINK offers ground-breaking vessel monitoring and control.

Endless capabilities for connecting, controlling and automating features, controls scenes and so much more through LINKBridge web interface and the LINK Cloud Access.

Created from a single block of aluminium with a specially hardened, anodised black outer surface.

Connects to the existing networks and systems on a vessel.

Unrivalled connectivity options, including, NMEA 2000, J1939, Dometic CAN, KNX, Modbus TCP, Böning and more.

Also integrates with a range of digital switching solutions, including, CZone, VeeConnect and EmpirBus, as well as offering four relay outputs and four digital inputs directly on the LINKbridge.

No separate power supply required, instead it can be powered from any of its CAN ports (Or multiple inputs incl. Batteries and alarm support when supplies are lost!).

Ability to connect to two ethernet networks (With VLAN Support coming soon!).

Embedded eSIM that functions worldwide via a LINKsubscription to transmit data to the LINKcloud.

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