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Get Connected! Part #8 Connectivity for your Yachts

With many people living onboard and wanting to carry out business as usual, modern yachts owners demand advanced network solutions to provide seamless connectivity, robust security, and user-friendly support.

In this article, we explain the process we will take to install and configure a Peplink-based network solution for a medium-sized yacht with a focus on security, reliability, and ease of use. We will also discuss optimizing equipment space, addressing potential connectivity issues, and providing remote support and control.

Our choice of equipment to deploy such solution will usually be:

· Peplink BR1 5G Pro

· 2x Peplink Maritime 20G

· Peplink AP One AX Wireless AP

· SIM Card with a month-2-month contract

· Starlink Internet

Yacht Assessment

Before installation, it is crucial to assess the yacht's layout and identify suitable locations for network equipment. We will consider proximity to power sources, protection from environmental factors, ease of access for maintenance, and minimal signal interference. Additionally, we will remove outdated or redundant equipment to optimize

space and reduce potential security risks.


We initiate the installation process upon receiving confirmation from the client, ensuring that all their requirements are met. We will make sure that each component is securely mounted and connected to the power source, and that the antennas have a clear line of sight to the sky for optimal satellite communication and avoid interference with equipment already onboard.

Configuring the Network

We will then configure the network accessing the Peplink BR1 5G Pro web interface. Set up cellular and satellite WAN connections as a single bonded connection with increased bandwidth, reliability and performance, and create a secure Wi-Fi network by defining SSIDs, security protocol, and passwords.

Enhanced Security with Firewall and VPN

Configure the built-in firewall of the BR1 5G Pro to minimize security risks, such as enabling intrusion detection and prevention, content filtering, and access control lists. This will be an added firewall if the existing network already has one or more in place. Set up a FusionHub instance to manage VPN connections and SpeedFusion settings. Create a secure VPN connection between the Peplink BR1 5G Pro and FusionHub, with user-friendly settings and strong encryption.

User Support and Remote Control

We are dedicated to record documentation in order to help the crew on a daily basis and future maintenance. This will help users to connect their devices to the Wi-Fi network, establish security rules, and troubleshoot common issues. Set up remote access to the Peplink web administration interface is key for secure remote management and monitoring network performance, schedule regular maintenance and upgrade, and update settings as per required by users.

Also, admins can take advantage of the many resources Peplink has to offer. Here is a list of the main features:

  1. EssentialCare warranty: covers your device against manufacturing defects, ensuring peace of mind when you need it most. Offers 8x5 remote support.

  2. EssentialCare+ warranty: in case of a faulty unit, Peplink will ship you a replacement device before you send them the defective unit to minimize any connectivity downtime. Offers 24x7 remote support.

  3. InControl2: this is Peplink’s very own SD-WAN management cloud. Users can use it to build and manage network topologies counting hundreds of devices. Take advantage of its many tools to review the health of your network and remotely make configuration changes as needed, and more.

  4. Speed Fusion Connect Protect: this service offers connectivity resilience through seamlessly filling in outages with cellular connections.

  5. InTouch: users can remotely manage their devices with Peplink’s zero-touch remote network management solution eliminating the need for external VPN licensing and infrastructure overheads.


Establishing a secure, reliable, and user-friendly network solution for a medium-sized yacht has been our focus since the beginning. Deploying the right combination of advanced features that Peplink provides like SpeedFusion Connect, Bandwidth Bonding, and FusionHub ensures seamless and robust connectivity while at sea. Furthermore, we ensure an optimal equipment placement, security measures, and user support to provide with an efficient and secure network that meets the demands of modern yacht owners.

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