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Get Connected! Part #7 Peplink & Poynting Pairing

A collaboration that works just right, Peplink routers and Poynting antennas deployed together are the revolution the Marine industry needed. Here at GMTS we have been testing this solution for quite some time, and we managed to reach some great results.

As the demand for secure and reliable communications continues to increase, the need for robust network solutions in the marine, defence, and government sectors has become paramount.

In this read we will take a look at Poynting and Peplink use case in these sectors.

A Deployed Solution

Poynting and Peplink have been at the forefront of providing network solutions to the marine industry. These pairing has been tested extensively by our team of experts that deployed it in various different scenarios, including disaster recovery, border control, remote islands locations, and maritime applications. The feedback we received from both our tests and customers with this solution has shown substantial improved stability, distance, and data transfer speeds.

After all our testing, we specifically want to talk about this solution: Poynting Ripple-8 Dome integrated with a Peplink BR2 5G Pro, a dual cellular modem supporting 4G and 5G.

With its 8 MIMO integrated omni-directional antennas specifically designed for marine & coastal scenario, the Dome provides high performance cover for 5G/LTE band (from 617 to 7200 MHz) for up to 75kms offshore. Thanks to the IP65 weather/dust resistant shell, an innovative heat sink for improved temperature regulation, and UV and saltwater protection, it is made to last in and around the marine and coastal environments.

Why choose this solution?

One of the significant benefits of this Poynting and Peplink pairing is its simplicity and reliability. It offers high-speed data transfer and can operate in challenging environments where conventional solutions won’t work. This deployment is of great value, it is expandible upon needs, it comes with security features that ensure data confidentiality and integrity, making it suitable for use in sensitive applications, and all you need to power this solution is a single data cable. It also include this key features:

  • InControl2 Privately Hosted Server: Peplink's InControl2 is a cloud-based management system that provides remote access and management of Peplink devices; it also offers the possibility to host it on a private server. This feature provides added security and control over the management of these devices in the defence and government sectors.

  • Privately Hosted FusionHub/PepVPN: Peplink's FusionHub and PepVPN provide secure and reliable communication between remote locations, adding extra security and control over the management of these devices.

  • Secure DNS Options: Poynting and Peplink solutions come with secure DNS options that prevent the devices connected to the network from being redirected to malicious websites, maintaining data confidentiality.

Use Cases

The deployment of Poynting and Peplink solutions has been widespread in the marine industry, including in defence and government applications. Some of the use cases include:

  1. Medium to Large Sailing and Motor Yachts

  2. All sizes of Ferries.

  3. Large commercial vessels.

  4. Disaster Recovery: deployed in disaster-prone areas to provide reliable communication and data transfer during emergencies.

  5. Border Control: deployed in border control applications to provide secure and reliable communication and data transfer.

  6. Remote Locations: deployed in remote locations where conventional communication infrastructure is not available.


This Poynting and Peplink solution has proven to be reliable and secure in the various use cases, offering high-speed secure data transfer and ensuring data confidentiality. If you need to improve your communication and data transfer, look no further.

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