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Get Connected! Part #5 Base Cellular Package

Contemporary vessels' demand for a dependable and high-performance connectivity system is ever rising. This holistic integration of Peplink, Cellular, and Starlink technologies delivers a tailored, robust network solution specifically designed for exceptional near-shore connectivity, without breaking the bank.

Applied Products:

  • Peplink Balance 20X

  • Peplink Maritime 20G Antenna Kit

  • Starlink Roam

  • Data SIM (Month-to-month contract)

Balance 20X: a Multi-WAN router with ground-breaking price-performance

The Peplink Balance 20X is a versatile and advanced connectivity solution designed to satisfy modern networking demands of yacht owners. Boasting a modular design, this device offers seamless network management through InControl, enhanced reliability with x1 WAN Port, x1 USB WAN Port, x1 Cellular (with redundant slot).

Its Flex Module gives the flexibility to adapt to your ever-changing connectivity needs, choosing either LTE-A Module (CAT-6/12, CAT-18), 5G Module or VDSL Module.

Moreover, it offers x4 LAN Ports, and an Embedded Modem with AP management features for Wi-Fi connectivity.

The Balance 20X is the perfect choice for those seeking a future-proof networking solution that promises exceptional performance and user satisfaction.

Maritime 20G: ultra-wide bandwidth at your disposal

The Pepwave Maritime Antenna 20G is an innovative and high-performance antenna solution tailored for the unique challenges of maritime environments. Engineered for durability and precision, this antenna ensures reliable connectivity and outstanding signal strength even in the most demanding sea conditions. With its compact design and easy installation process, the Pepwave Maritime Antenna 20G is an essential addition for any vessel seeking to maintain seamless communication and network performance while navigating the open seas.

IP68 rated and designed for optimal gain, the 2x2 MIMO antenna configuration allows for 5G deployments with a wide frequency range (410-6000MHz). It also covers both 2.4 & 5GHz Wi-Fi frequencies, requiring just a SMA to RP-SMA adapter.

Integrate Starlink Roam in your network

for unbreakable coverage

Starlink Roam is a satellite-based solution designed to deliver dependable internet access in regions where conventional cellular networks might be weak or non-existent, such as coves or inlets. This makes it a perfect option for vessels requiring continuous connectivity for safety, communication, and navigation. When combined with the Peplink Balance 20X, this integrated system offers robust and uninterrupted Wi-Fi coverage throughout the vessel, enabling passengers and crew members to maintain internet connections, independent of their location or distance from cellular networks.

By incorporating Starlink Roam into the Peplink networking solution, users gain seamless access to Internet, enriching the overall maritime experience.

Flexible Cellular Connectivity with included SIM Card

The SIM card included in this package functions on a monthly basis, granting users the adaptability to pay solely for their requirements and the freedom to terminate or resume the plan as needed. This budget-friendly strategy makes it a pragmatic option for boat owners who need fluctuating levels of connectivity across different periods of the year.


The integration of Peplink Balance 20X, Maritime 20G antennas, SIM card, and Starlink Roam delivers a complete connectivity package for any small to medium sized vessels. This configuration supplies a dependable, high-performance network that guarantees uninterrupted communication and on-board amusement. Vessel owners can relish the confidence that stems from consistent connectivity and heightened safety measures.

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