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Get Connected! Part #4 Discover the Ultimate Offshore & Coastal Networking Solution

Unleash the Full Potential of Your Boat with the Latest Peplink and Starlink Technologies

Complete Custom Solution

Embark on an extraordinary voyage with unparalleled connectivity, using Global Marine's exclusive networking package, tailored for mid-sized boats. This cutting-edge solution blends the power of Peplink & Starlink products to create a seamless and uninterrupted communication experience. Whether it's for safety, navigation, or onboard entertainment, this all-inclusive package offers an enticing fusion of performance and reliability, elevating the maritime experience to new heights.


  • Peplink BR2 5G Pro

  • Maritime 20G antennas

  • AP One AX Wireless APs

  • SIM card (Month-to-month contract)

  • Starlink Maritime

Peplink BR2 5G Pro: The Core of Robust Connectivity

At the heart of this all-inclusive package lies the Peplink BR2 5G Pro, an incredibly high quality and well engineered router that delivers exceptional performance and reliability. The BR2 5G Pro provides high-speed cellular connectivity that can be seamlessly integrated with Starlink Maritime for an unmatched communication experience.

4x Peplink Maritime 20G: Enhanced Signal Reception

To further boost the networking capabilities of the BR2 5G Pro, this package includes four Peplink Maritime 20G antennas. These high-performance antennas ensure superior signal reception and network coverage, enabling continuous connectivity even in challenging marine environments.

2-4x Peplink AP One AX Wireless AP:

Comprehensive Wi-Fi Coverage

Depending on the size and layout of your mid-sized boat, this package offers the flexibility of 2-4 Peplink AP One AX Wireless APs. These high-performance access points work in tandem with the BR2 5G Pro to provide expansive Wi-Fi coverage throughout the vessel, keeping both crew and passengers connected.

Flexible Cellular Service with our SIM Card

This exclusive package also features a SIM card with a month-to-month contract, allowing boat owners to enjoy the flexibility of paying only for the services they require. The adaptable nature of this contract makes it a practical choice for seasonal or variable connectivity needs.

Starlink Maritime: Satellite Connectivity for

Uninterrupted Communication

The Recent roll out of Starlink Maritime allows the addition of continuous connectivity throughout the ocean in the most remote areas of the planet, helping deliver internet in regions with weak or no cellular signals. High-speed, low-latency broadband coverage provided by Starlink Maritime guarantees seamless communication, navigation, and entertainment, working in perfect harmony with the Peplink BR2 5G Pro and Vodafone cellular solution.


Global Marine's all-in-one connectivity package for mid-sized boats delivers a comprehensive and powerful solution that enhances the boating experience. With state-of-the-art products from Peplink and Starlink, clients can enjoy unparalleled connectivity and security while exploring the world. This package not only improves communication and navigation but also adds a new level of convenience, flexibility, and enjoyment to the mid-sized boat experience.


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