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Get Connected! Part #3 Achieve Seamless Connectivity

The All-Round Motor & Sailing Yacht Networking Package

All Yachts require a reliable and high-performance connectivity solution to ensure seamless streaming, communication, navigation, and entertainment. This comprehensive combination of Peplink & Starlink products, offers an all-encompassing network solution tailored for ultimate and unbreakable near shore connectivity.

Peplink Maritime 20G

Applied Products:

  • Peplink BR1 5G Pro

  • 2x Peplink Maritime 20G

  • Peplink AP One AX Wireless AP

  • Data SIM (Month-to-month contract)

  • Starlink Roam

A Comprehensive Networking Solution:

Peplink BR1 5G Pro & Maritime 20G Antennas

Peplink BR1 Pro 5G

The Peplink BR1 5G Pro, designed for marine applications, delivers robust connectivity and outstanding performance. When paired with two Peplink Maritime 20G antennas, the BR1 5G Pro ensures improved signal reception and network coverage, well suited for mid-sized boats.

Peplink AP One AX: Expansive Wi-Fi Coverage

Peplink AP One AX

To provide Wi-Fi coverage throughout your vessel, the Peplink AP One AX Wireless AP is an excellent complement to the Peplink BR1 5G Pro. This high-performance access point allows crew and passengers to stay connected, no matter where they are on board.

Starlink Roam

Starlink Roam: Ground-breaking Satellite Internet

Starlink Roam is a satellite-based solution designed to provide reliable internet access in areas where traditional cellular networks may be unavailable or weak. It is an ideal choice for boaters who require constant connectivity for safety, communication, and navigation purposes. When integrated with the Peplink BR1 5G Pro and Peplink AP One AX Wireless AP, the combined system offers powerful and seamless Wi-Fi coverage throughout the vessel. This allows passengers and crew members to stay connected to the internet, regardless of their location or proximity to cellular networks. The addition of Starlink Roam to the Peplink networking solution ensures uninterrupted access to vital information, entertainment, and communication, enhancing the overall marine experience and providing an essential backup option when other networks fail. Bonding it all together with Speedfusion hosted by yourself, Peplink or GMTS.

Flexible Cellular Connectivity with included SIM Card

The SIM card provided with this package operates on a month-to-month contract, offering users the flexibility to pay for only what they need and cancel or restart the plan as necessary. This cost-effective approach makes it a practical choice for boat owners who require varying levels of connectivity throughout the year.

InControl2 and Remote Access.

Peplink's SpeedFusion technology allows for revolutionary networking capabilities. Utilizing the InControl2 configurator, SpeedFusion can be setup to stream multiple sources of internet in to one seamless line, creating a near unbreakable connection. This is done by joining multiple sources of internet (Cellular, Starlink, etc.) into the same line and will make jittery phone calls and frustrating live-streams a thing of the past.

On top of this, Global Marine offer remote support for when on-board access is difficult or simply not possible.


The combination of Peplink BR1 5G Pro, Maritime 20G antennas, AP One AX Wireless AP, Data SIM card, and Starlink Roam offer a comprehensive connectivity solution for any small to mid-sized vessles. This setup provides a reliable, high-performance network that ensures seamless communication and onboard entertainment. Boat owners can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with reliable connectivity and enhanced safety. Bonding it all together with Speedfusion hosted by yourself, Peplink or GMTS.

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