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Get Connected! Part #1 - A Custom Solution for Smaller vessels

Peplink BR1 5G Pro, 2x Maritime 20G Antennas, and AP One AX Wireless AP

The next level experience of internet and connectivity onboard.

Dual Maritime 20G Antennas

Enhancing Small boat connectivity:

Peplink BR1 5G Pro & Maritime 20G Antennas

Peplink MAX BR1 Pro 5G

Well Designed for small boats, such as recreational power boats and yachts, the Peplink BR1 5G Pro offers robust connectivity and performance. When paired with two Peplink Maritime 20G antennas, the BR1 5G Pro can ensure enhanced signal reception and network coverage, even in challenging maritime environments.

Peplink AP One AX Wireless AP: Extended Wi-Fi Coverage

Peplink AP One AX

The Peplink AP One AX Wireless AP is a high-performance access point that complements the Peplink BR1 5G Pro by extending Wi-Fi coverage throughout the vessel. This allows passengers and crew to enjoy a seamless wireless experience, whether they're relaxing in the cabin or working on deck.

Flexible Connectivity with month-2-month Data SIM Card

Our Data SIM cards can be included in your small boat setup and operates on a month-to-month contract, providing the flexibility to pay for only what you need and cancel or restart the plan whenever necessary. This adaptability makes it an attractive choice for boat owners who require connectivity during specific seasons or trips.

Starlink What?

This system is ready to go and can easily accommodate both Starlink and Shore Wi-Fi. Simply deploy your Starlink Roam (Formerly known as RV) and you're off to a flying start! The single WAN port can also be upgraded with VLAN WANs for additional wired interfaces simultaneously.


The combination of the Peplink BR1 5G Pro, Maritime 20G antennas, AP One AX Wireless AP, and a flexible Data SIM card contract offers an exceptional connectivity solution tailored for small boats. This high-performance network setup is easy to install and manage, and provides seamless connectivity on the water. With this equipment, boat owners can enjoy the benefits of reliable communication, streaming, enhanced safety, and an enjoyable onboard experience.

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