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Fleet Monitoring with LINK

Updated: Jan 6

An all systems go, full time, full integration monitoring system with remote access. With LINK you can monitor a fleet of vessels to maximise efficiency and productivity and minimise downtime.

  • Monitor all your onboard devices (marine, network IP and AV) locally and from anywhere in the world.

  • Live two-way control of your onboard devices and equipment, both locally and from anywhere in the world.

  • LINK Supports integration with all onboard protocols, including NMEA, KNX, Böning, and C-Zone.

  • Full fleet management capabilities to manage all your vessels in one place. LINK corporate cloud is also available for boatbuilders and dealers.

  • LINK sends alerts and status updates to all your chosen devices by email, SMS or WhatsApp, and can also notify your crew if required.

  • LINK is easy to integrate with your existing smart home system, including Control4, Crestron, Elan, Savant, and RTI

Designed to keep you running.

LINK is like having a 24-hour engineer that can see in many places at once, monitoring multiple systems, so you don’t have to. What’s more, with your permission, your maintenance team can pro-actively monitor your vessel in real-time to ensure everything is optimised and working flawlessly when you need it.

Simplify control.

LINK provides unmatched control, designed from the ground up to ensure simplicity and ease of use. The intuitive interfaces are shared across devices and bring control to the palm of your hand. Turn on the underwater lights remotely from a beach picnic, drop the shades in your cabin or turn the AC off; control of your vessel is quite literally at your fingertips.

Free up your crew.

LINK serves them, so they can better serve you. Alongside providing complete vessel monitoring and control directly from the helm or via smartphones, LINK offers a range of solutions to streamline your crew’s workload. From diagnostic tools to fuel usage report generation to documentation logging, LINK is an invaluable addition to the team.


Custom-designed hardware crafted in the UK to provide you with maximum connectivity and control options. This state-of-the-art technology is easy to install and retrofit. LINKbridge ties together all the systems on your vessel and can be accessed with or without internet, both on and off your vessel, via a computer, smartphone, or multifunction display.


The central management hub that brings together all your vessels, crew, boat builders, dealers, and maintenance providers. Feature-rich and completely secure, the LINKcloud provides complete monitoring and control, alongside collaborative options such as electronic document storage, messaging, and vessel cellular data management. LINKcloud is designed to be adaptive; use it for a single vessel or an entire fleet.


Your vessel, in the palm of your hand. Simple, user-friendly control of automations, vessel monitoring, and smart devices. Send messages to your crew and maintenance team via the LINK messaging service and set your personalised preferences, including which alerts you want to receive. Effortlessly switch between light or dark mode settings.


Make the most of LINK with our intuitive apps for the leading brands of onboard multifunction displays. Developed at the request of captains and crew, the full power of LINK is now available from the bridge, designed to provide your crew with full monitoring, control, and alerts to keep your vessel running perfectly.

Keep Watch

View up to 10 separate security cameras directly through the LINK smartphone or display apps. Different vessels use different camera brands. LINK, therefore, uses an open standard supported by the widest possible range of cameras to offer integration with your existing security system. What’s more, LINK also monitors your cameras and can alert you if a camera stops working or loses network connection.

Fleet Transparancy

LINK makes managing multiple vessels effortless. See a global overview of all your vessels on one screen, including their location and status. You can also check at a glance that everything is functioning as expected. View your vessels on a map or in list view, or simply filter by status. You can also take advantage of LINK’s advanced search functionality to jump straight to a specific vessel. Each vessel has its own dashboard that displays vessel-specific information, including location, status and monitored devices.


LINK comes complete with geofencing functionality, so you always know your vessel’s location at all times.Simply define an area on the map around your vessel; an alert is sent if your vessel moves outside this boundary. LINK’s advanced notification technology means you can choose which vessel users or members of your crew receive this alert, whether they’re on board or on the other side of the world. Furthermore, with LINK routines, you can automatically act on this alert by disabling onboard systems and instrumentation to prevent anyone from absconding with your vessel.


Your LINKbridge is uniquely equipped to function in a low power mode known as HiberLINK. This is ideal for use if your vessel is being stored for an extended period or being transported without shore power hook up or a battery charger.

HiberLINK uses innovative built-in technology to monitor an internal GPS, accelerometer and gyro, as well as transmit events. This ensures you always know the location of your vessel as well as alerting you to any incidents that occur, such as an unexpected impact whilst your vessel is being transferred from land to sea. LINK can also use this same technology to send daily status updates from your vessel, alerting you to any changes in the onboard environment or battery issues, even while the main systems are turned off.

Limitless Integration

LINK’s powerful alert technology offers unrivalled customisation to ensure you’re always informed about the state of your onboard devices. Receive automatic critical and warning alerts, as well as informative notifications from NMEA devices, for example, if your oil pressure is low or your AC systems require servicing.


A world first, LINK also allows for the creation of custom alerts and isn’t restricted to NMEA devices. Use real-time information to trigger an alert for any value of any device. Alerts can be customised to trigger based on a single condition, or a combination of conditions, giving you complete oversight of your vessel. Want to ensure you’re not draining too much power from the battery? Just build an alert that that advises your battery levels are low and shore power is not connected.


Alerts can also be extended into routines, allowing actions to be performed when conditions are met. Want to make sure the batteries are topped up? Add a command to start the generator and battery charger if the battery drops below a certain threshold. Alerts and routines are also tied into LINK’s advanced notification system, allowing you to relax in the knowledge the correct people are notified for each situation.

Talk to Global Marine today about LINK vessel management systems today and see how we can change the way you operate you vessel or fleet.


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