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A Year of Milestones

We're slowly moving towards the end of 2022 and it's time to reflect on what went well and what went really well in the year.

While working with our amazing customers and partners we've been able to deliver some truly amazing projects.

We'd like to thank everyone who we have served, collaborated with, and supported throughout the year.

We're forever grateful for the business and clients who chose to work with us in the goal of always improving, doing better and innovating for the Marine Industry!

This year we had so many milestones,

- First time we installed Starlink Maritime

- First time we broke into 1Gbps wirelessly on a boat!

- First time we got to work with multiple installations of the #Peplink SDX Pro (And by so breaking into the future of multi-WAN and SD-WAN Bonding solutions!

- We got to support #VirtualMarine and #NewZealandMaritimeSchool installing their new Lifeboat Simulator in Auckland

- We installed our very first #LINK#remotemonitoring system and continued working on improving this amazing new technology

We also got to work with some amazing clients and partners who would be far too many to share in a single post.

So, thank you for an amazing 2022 and we look forward to another exciting and innovative year.

Happy New Year Everyone!


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