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67ft Motor Yacht - Technology Update

Redefining & revolutionizing the maritime worlds connectivity capabilities!

The world is rapidly moving in the direction of full global connectivity and both us and our customers are at the forefront. We bring technology and advanced new strategies into a simple, reliable, and user-friendly systems.

For Global Marine's latest customer, our approach was no different. Our customer wanting nothing but the best and most up to date equipment with great user-friendly features, secure connectivity and a reliable service.

Install brief:

Global Marine was tasked with updating the vessels access points to Wi-Fi 6 for better connectivity throughout the vessel. We were asked to then link the internet sources into one unit to provide easy on-board user configuration and control. These updated pieces of equipment have an added benefit of increased security. Additionally tasked with updating the vessels documentation in line with the changes made throughout the systems.

Equipment Used:

- Pepwave AP One AX (AP One AX (APO AX) - Peplink)

- Peplink Balance B310x 5G (2.5 Gbps Enterprise SD-WAN Router Balance 310 X- Peplink)

- Peplink Rugged 16-Port Switch (Industrial Grade 16-Port SD Switch for Rugged Environment- Peplink)

Peplink Balance B310X

IT Refit:

The vessel has permanent liveaboard crew members, all requiring stable connections to keep the owners informed, itinerary ready and world-wide-comms ready. On top of this the owners and guests alike require a solid and reliable internet interface with no dropouts or delays.

By utilising these Peplink products we were able to significantly improve Wi-Fi performance throughout the vessel in places it previously was very poor. We accomplished this with the Pepwave AP One AX access points positioned strategically through the Yacht.

The new access points offer a noteworthy benefit through their upgraded Wi-Fi performance, courtesy of Wi-Fi 6. This new technology delivers faster speeds, improved performance in areas with high device density, enhanced security features, and better battery life for user devices.

The new equipment also creates an immediate and uninterrupted transition from Starlink Maritime, Starlink RV to 4G/5G and vice versa, when connection drops or the vessel goes offshore. This is done through the Peplink Balance B310X 5G.

During the setup of these new systems, we were able to also update the cables to newer and better cables to reduce the chances of any failure or any of the associated risks with older electrical wiring.

Both the owners and the crew will now be able to enjoy better coverage throughout the vessel with these new access points. With the added improvement of easy changeability of the internet’s sources and reliability.

Pepwave AP One AX

Remote Support - Peplink InControl2:

Additionally, to the new Peplink eqipment the customer also benefits from the powerful tools in form of InControl2 & InTouch.

InControl is Peplink's cloud-based endpoint management system. When connected to the devices, it aggregates data to generate useful reports on all aspects of your network. On a single screen, you can push configurations to any and all of your endpoints. If you need to dig deeper, you can remotely access the web admin of any device on your network. Using InControl, you can save configuration time, minimize truck rolls, stay on top of the status of your network, and proactively resolve any emerging problems with speed and precision.

Zero Touch Configuration

InControl simplifies network management by aggregating network information and presenting them in easy-to-read reports. Push configuration and firmware updates to hundreds of devices with a click of a button and apply schedules to SSID, Firewall Rules, Outbound Policies, and SD-Switch Ports.

SD – WAN Provisioning

Provisioning configurations to endpoints used to take hours. With InControl, you can now build your SpeedFusion VPN network in one minute. Simply open the SpeedFusion VPN configurator, select your topography, and select your peers.

Vessel Documentation:

After completing so many changes to a yacht like this one, it is very important to update the vessels documentation. Ensuring that not only future IT workers can understand the systems, but the crew as well. Giving them the ability to troubleshoot with far greater ease and understanding. We provide a folder in their network for crew access only, a backup USB, and finally, a hardcopy.

GPS Fleet Management

InControl 2 provides full-fleet device management when used in combination with our vehicle-mounted, GPS–enabled devices, such as the MAX HD2 and BR1. Track your devices wherever they are using our interactive maps. Check vehicle speed, cellular coverage, and traffic conditions. Play back complete route histories for any time period.

Network Troubleshooting

Set up email notifications for important network events. Monitor WAN quality and bandwidth usage using intuitive graphical reports. InControl 2 provides detailed logs of your network’s events and operations. Finally, the Remote Web Admin feature lets you directly access the WebUI of any device, saving truck rolls.

Pepwave Rugged 16-Port Switch


Superyachts are by very definition, at the cutting edge of technology and luxury. The owners and users of these expect nothing but the best in usability and connectivity. Global Marine provides the perfect way to source multiple means of data transfer to our customers. Starlink, VSAT, 3G/4G/5G, Shore connection etc. These are all now able to be linked to one device (Peplink Balance B310X) which can prioritise connection to the strongest source and change seamlessly between locations as the superyacht navigates the globe allowing a reliable source of connection previously only known to shore based locations.


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