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5 Vessel Security Modules from GMTS and Ajax

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

Ever wondered about your boat's security when you're not around? Global Marine have teamed up with Ajax to offer bespoke wireless security systems for your boat.

Ajax has a suite of wireless sensors, monitors, detectors and secure access devices. You can be notified for a range of different instances ie flood detection, fire detection, motion sensor cameras. You can even incorporate a remote key-fob system allowing only those with the remote to gain access to your vessel.

  1. Flood detection - Being notified about the bilges taking on water can really be the difference between life and death for your boat. Many boats on swing-moorings are not as accessible as those in a marina so being able to check on it can give peace of mind and also insurance benefits.

  2. Security cameras - Ever been suspect of unwelcome guests boarding your boat? Although many marinas around NZ and the world offer pretty good security it's not uncommon to hear of people sneaking on to boats to raid the liquor cabinet, the fishing gear or even worse - taking off with your electronics or other valuables. Even the thought of a stranger poking around on your prized boat is enough to make some people pretty uncomfortable. Ajax cameras with motion detection will record when activated by the motion sensor and send you an image. Whether it is a kind neighbouring boat owner adjusting your dock-lines as a courtesy or some unsavoury type you will be well aware of what is happening onboard. You can even activate a siren remotely to deter unwanted guests if required.

  3. Fire detection - This may sound redundant as there is often not much you can do about a fire onboard if you're not immediately at the scene. What this does give you is the ability to notify the marina, or the authorities that can help, and also provides some timeline of events, and even aids in investigating the source of the fire.

  4. Secure Access - Give a key-fob to your family members and friends who are likely to use the boat. This way you can see when they're arrived or departed and well as be in the comfort of knowing that only those with access with be onboard and using the boat. You can also use a keypad that visitors will have to enter a code to unlock the boat and gain access. Ideal for workers and contractors as you can give a code or remotely unlock the doors when notified. You will also know when they came and left which is handy when the invoice comes in.

  5. Redundant Power - Even if your batteries are flat the Ajax wireless system has a proprietary power system meaning you are always connected to your vessel. That means no matter what you will always have protection and peace of mind.

Whether you're running a state of the art sports-fisher, a race yacht or a coastal cruiser, it's good to be in touch with your vessel. Come and speak to GMTS about how we can create a lifetime connection between you and your asset like no other.

Peace of mind, security, redundancy. - "With Ajax systems onboard I can check in on my boat during times of bad weather, as well as allow access to workers and contractors remotely with the peace of mind my vessel is always secure." - Riviera owner


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