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5 Examples of Marine Wi-Fi Use in Real-World Applications

Let's look at some use cases for 4G applications onboard and how it's helped our customers.

1. Working remotely

Workplaces are becoming ever more flexible so why not take your work with you when you head away on the boat? Nothing more frustrating than a sunny day with 5kt variable winds when you're sitting in the office. With our new solutions and high speed unlmited 4G you can be connected like you never left the office. No one will know you're sitting on the back of the boat working until the reels start screaming in the background of a call. Lifestyle is key, make the most of it.

2. Entertainment

If you've ever been sitting in a bay in the evening looking for something to do it's pretty relaxing to be able to chuck a movie on. Unfortunately in many areas it's hard to find a strong enough signal and good enough speed to do this. The answer is to use an antenna on the highest point in the boat to receive the best possible signal.

Streaming requires about 25mbps for HD or 4K resolution and the phone with a hotspot can be patchy at best. Proper high speed connections eliminate this and offer a high quality experience much like having fibre at home. This goes for music, video and even gaming with a latency of around 19ms.

3. Security

Keeping connected withy our vessel is a great way of monitoring security. With one of our monitoring systems and a 4G connection you can be notified the moment someone steps onto the boat. Photos can even be sent straight through to your phone giving you the option to switch on a siren if the guest isn't welcome. Get in touch with GMTS today to find out what we can offer.

4. Monitoring

Have you spent time awake at night when the weather's terrible wondering how your vessel is fairing? Being connected means you can integrate bilges sensors, battery monitors, fire detection and more right to you phone or PC. With many solutions and options from Ajax systems GMTS has got you. Your insurance company will also be pleased to know that you're keeping tabs on the boat.

5. Safety

Last and definitely not least - safety is a huge concern and being in touch saves lives. Remaining online means you can receive the latest weather updates and stay in touch with the world. You can share your location and even contact service agents for any technical or engineering issues on the boat. How good would it be to be able to video call a service agent to troubleshoot systems when you're out at sea? It brings a new meaning to product support and trouble-free boating.

I'm sure you're now thinking of many ways to use a system like this and if you are, we have what you need. Get in touch with us at Global Marine to discuss options that will suit your boat and your needs.

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