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4G Data on the GO

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

Take the internet with you where ever you go. In this modern world everyone wants flexibility, mobile plans are pretty good but not when you need to support several users and high data volume. Even if the kids are tying up data on social media you can still stream the game, no worries!

Product Highlight

Celerway Go

The only portable, battery-powered mobile router to deliver Gigabit class connectivity with VPN encryption virtually anywhere, while being small enough to fit in your hand or stow in a laptop case.

A solution suited for mobile use and flexibility, whether you want to connect on the boat, in the RV or at the bach the GO is the product for you. Pay for one connection and use it where-ever you like.

Thanks to its innovative use of 2 simultaneous cellular WAN connections, GO gives teams working remotely—whether at stationary remote locations or on the go—seamless, secure access to company resources and IT infrastructure as if they’d never left the office.

While solutions like consumer-grade mobile hotspot devices and mobile enterprise SD-WAN routers fall short, whether in performance, reliability, security, portability, or manageability, GO excels on all fronts to keep teams connected and productive wherever they are, while keeping company data secure and reducing IT workloads.

Out-of-the-box VPN

Get seamless, secure access to company resources from branch offices, remote sites, hotels, airports, home, etc., from day one. Enjoy seamless, simultaneous use of all available networks with Celerway Phantom VPN, built on WireGuard, the most modern, secure and efficient VPN.

Security first deployment in minutes

Secure your devices by always deploying only the latest firmware. Deploy enterprise-grade access control on Wi-Fi and Ethernet with 802.1x support.

Nimbus remote administration

Configure, update, and manage GO remotely through the cloud, monitor via SNMP. Maintain control of your remote endpoints, no matter how dispersed.

Set up a Celerway GO with a limitless data plan from Global Marine and experience true freedom online. The built-in battery charges via USB-C and has the capability to charge your phone or another device on with USB. The unit can run for up to 7 hours under its own steam meaning true portability.

Install an antenna on the boat and plug it in when you step onboard for extended range, do the same in your RV or bach if required. If you're on the road for business and require fast connectivity for meetings or file transfers this is an ideal solution.

Work from home, the beach, the bach or the boat with Celerway Go.

Data plans from Global Marine offer a true uncapped plan with high-speed data all the way, and this is a month to month plan.


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