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44m Sailing Yacht - AV/IT Update

44m Sailing Yacht

Install Brief:

The Captain & Engineer employed Global Marine to update their entertainment and IT systems.

The installation involved updating some systems and implementing some new components. Since the build in 2010 there have been some major advancements meaning there was plenty of space for improvement. We were tasked with improving connectivity, security and entertainment, as well as updating the vessels documentation as appropriate.

Equipment Used:

  • Ubiquiti Unifi network system

  • Axis camera system

  • RTI Control System, Apple TV, Lights, TV Lift

  • RTI T2x Remote Control System

  • Update systems documentation

  • Kerio system update and programming

IT Refit

The vessel has quarters for up to 6 crew and 8 guests and this can be demanding on the network. With Ubiquiti we were able to improve the users online experience by creating a robust, reliable network to serve these demands.

With this came tidying up the systems installation, re-running cables and creating a workspace that allowed for ease of use, and ease of access.

Guests and crew alike can now enjoy seamless connectivity to the yachts internet connection and entertainment systems.


Security is key for vessel like this and the cameras also serve purpose in monitoring guest movements, as well as machine areas. We installed 4x new Axis cameras on the the network which are available for crew to view in any cabin. This means the Engineer can monitor the engine room, the Captain is able to see on deck, and the Interior Staff are able to keep an eye on VIP guests to provide top class service.

vessel security camera
Axis security camera

RTI Entertainment System

The vessel runs Apple TV throughout and required a new control system, lighting and a TV lift system for the main saloon. We used RTI T2x remotes for this, these remotes are 2-way, with a 2.8" screen, Wi-Fi, infrared, Li-Ion battery and charger cradle and an accelerometer built in so it knows when you pick it up. And let's not forget about the ambient light sensor that adapts the screen brightness to the surrounding environment.

This remote controls the Apple TV, lighting, and the TV lifting system, a true all in one solution for crew and guests.

Update Kerio System

Kerio Control is used onboard as a unified threat management firewall system. Some of the features include intrusion prevention, content filtering, activity reporting, bandwidth management and VPN (virtual private networking). This is all key to having a secure onboard IT system.

Being able to filter content, and allocate bandwidth means the owner, guests, and crew are allotted data and that the crew do not eat into the owners allowance. As well as this, content can be filtered - ie if the owner has kids onboard we can control what's allowed through the firewall.

The VPN also keeps browsing and downloaded information from being shared or viewed through third party software or uninvited hackers.

Vessel Documentation

With all these changes and updates, it's always important to make sure the vessel documentation is kept up to date. Out with the old and in with the new, all the manuals, instructions and documentation is updated to be relevant for serving and upkeep.

We compiled a list of all the systems and created a folder in their network for crew access only, a hard copy, and supplied a backup on a USB key.

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