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30m Luxury Explorer Yacht - AV/IT & Cell Upgrade

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

AV/IT and 4G System Upgrade

Install Brief:

The owner of this luxury yacht was referred to by us by another GMTS client (70ft Riviera) as they wanted the best solution for their high-spec luxury explorer yacht. Nordhavn vessels being synonymous with world cruising as a "go anywhere" vessel, it's no surprise they came to us for a robust and reliable solution.

Equipment used:

  • Full IT refit with Ubiquity Unifi system

  • Celerway Stratus + Poynting antenna package

  • System documentation update

  • Cellular Subscription

IT Refit

With 5 cabins boasting 10 berths there can be a few people on board at any one time. Keeping connected is a must these days so having a robust system to serve several users is key. Ubiquity unifies onboard systems for multiple users with centralised control, meaning all users have access to the network, anywhere onboard. There is also option to grant or restrict access to users as required.

We implemented Wi-fi 6 throughout the vessel ensuring no dead spots and seamless connectivity.

Marine Wi-Fi

Global Marine employ some of the best tech developed around the world, Celerway and Poynting are no exception. To ensure our clients have the best connectivity we installed a Celerway Stratus CAT12 dual modem capable of load sharing across 4 SIM's and with a maximum theoretical download speed of 950mbps. Pairing this with 4x Poynting 493 Cellular antenna keeps options open. This MiMo (multi-in /multi-out) antenna can pick up Wi-Fi as well as 4G cellular. This means to periods on the dock the boat can use marina Wi-Fi where available saving on our month-to-month data plans when 4G isn't required.

When offshore the antenna will pick up 4G up to 35nm's off the coast.

When roaming the system can use data on a 100GB per month basis, over 4 SIM cards this is 400GB a month, with ability to allocate data to different logins, ie the crew, the guests, and the owner. This way the owner's data remains available.

System Documentation

Keeping a good ship means staying on top of your systems and ships procedures, something often overlooked as upgrades and modifications are added. We took the existing owner's manual and updated it accordingly and in line with the new systems added since the launch in 2018.

This included detailed additions to the ships diagram documenting the new IT system, 4G modems and Wi-Fi network components.

Cellular Subscription

With Vodafone as a partner, we were able to provide a truly limitless data plan. This means full speed with no caps. With several users online you can easily chew through a lot of data, this is where our plans come in superior. Not only can they enjoy endless streaming and data for several users, but also better coverage with our unique multi-band connection.

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