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Industry Leading Partnerships

With a focus on providing an unrivalled service to our clients, we are pleased to partner with some of our industries leading organisations. Having these partners, allows GMTS to support a range of client needs.

Link - Fleet Management & Remote Monitoring

LINK represents the future of truly connected yachting. With groundbreaking monitoring, control and diagnostics, LINK allow you to oversee your vessel no matter where you are in the world.

LINK delivers control and visibility of all onboard devices, including engine data, batteries, tanks, positioning, security, and climate.


Peplink - Unbreakable Connectivity

Engineering-Driven Innovation
Peplink provides solutions that push the boundaries of what is possible

Peplink provides a complete SD-WAN solution; including edge routers which can connect multiple fixed or cellular WAN links at the same time.

SD-WAN Networking Solutions for your Business & Mobile solutions

YachtDevices - The future of connecting devices onboard!

All our devices are compatible with a wide range of boat networks based on NMEA 2000, including Raymarine SeaTalk NG, Simrad SimNet, Furuno CAN, and Garmin NMEA 2000.


Configuration or maintenance usually is not required, just plug them into your boat's network!


Poynting - Beyond a connected life

Why should people do business with Poynting?


- The products are FUTURE-PROOF

- They BUILD TO LAST products and solutions



- and... It's ATTENTION TO DETAIL that matters

When you buy a product from Poynting, you surely will not be dissappointed.

Yacht Cloud - A luxury Technology Powerhouse

Innovative technology that surpasses all expectations. Guests, owners and professionals can tell the difference - Welcome to the future of luxury technology. Onboard Information & Entertainment made easy.

YachtCloud Gest

YOT - The Yacht Store

YOT Store enables us to support our clients worldwide and deliver top-shelf products pre-configured and with truly global support.

No matter the product, if it's Super Yacht worthy (Technology) they have it!

VISSIM - A leading supplier and technical innovator in the field of Maritime Operations and Situational Awareness

Vissim is a software developer and turnkey sensor and infrastructure provider for advanced marine optimisation systems. 

They help clients & partners worldwide to plan, monitor and optimize their offshore wind, offshore energy, port and coastal operations and assets, enabling more cost-efficient, safer and more environmentally and financially sustainable operations.




We help coxswains train and practice in real weather conditions and for real emergencies, safely. We are Virtual Marine.

We deliver high fidelity simulation and training solutions improving the safety of personnel and assets; changing the face of maritime safety.

We have helped regulatory bodies and flag states globally to implement and embrace the shift toward simulation that major Oil and Gas companies are requesting.


OmniAccess - Unifying Communications

Screenshot 2023-01-30 202800.png

We provide our clients with unparalleled, global nextGen broadbeam VSAT (GEO) speeds of more than 400Mbps, 4G/5G mobile data connectivity, local WiFi/WIMAX networks and high-speed low-latency LEO (Low Earth Orbit) Internet.


We integrate all of these into a smart traffic-steering “FUSION” solution in order to provide the best connectivity experience depending on your requirements, whether this be for latency sensitive apps or higher bandwidth needs such as HD video streaming.

Anuvu - Once Global Eagle, we are now Anuvu.

Screenshot 2023-01-30 202323.png

We’re still leading the way in connectivity and entertainment for mobility markets, but now, we’re even better – with a transformation that’s designed to reflect it. Anuvu captures our vision; A new view of our world, and yours, for a future that’s brighter than ever.

Moving your business forward

The only constant is change and in a world of ever-evolving technology and trends, it's important to have a partner that can scale with you. 

We deliver agile and advanced solutions applied to the challenges you face today, with support to help you navigate towards a brighter tomorrow.

Screenshot 2023-01-30 202532.png

Mimo Connect

By partnering with Mimo Connect we're able to deliver solutions that will start and live into the future. Long-range Cellular solutions, VSAT Connections or Global Roaming SIM Contract.

Oceanic Systems - World leading equipment

Oceanic Systems

Oceanic Systems (UK) Ltd is a world-leading manufacturer of NMEA2000® based Integrated Alarm, Display and Control Systems for leisure and commercial vessels. 


Their product range includes fuel and water senders, level gauges, NMEA2000® cabling and connectors, dual and multiple engine displays and their newest launch, Poseidon.

These NMEA2000® control and monitoring products provide a modular and flexible solution for users to incorporate their functions and capabilities in an economical, easy to install and reliable form.


The NMEA2000® system allows sensors and other devices to share their information over a single network, with the flexibility to install additional devices as required.

Oceanic Systems

Marad - Discover the best way to manage your vessel and fleet


Marad is a type approved Fleet Management System consisting of various modules. Marad is practical, powerful and proven, used on thousands of vessels, plants, machinery and other locations

Celerway - Take your network where you need it to be!


Celerway unlocks the full potential of cellular data networks to give you always-on connectivity with blazing performance.


Not just 4G/5G backup, cellular leads the way, taking your network further than ever before.

Go beyond the unbreakable Internet: CelerwayOS delivers connectivity that is seamless, secure & with unrivalled performance, wherever you are.

Celerway Arcus
Screenshot 2023-01-28 164056.png

StellaDoradus - Amplifying Your 5G World


For 30 years, StellaDoradus have been designing and delivering market-leading and technologically superior, broadband signal boosters.

Our high-performance signal boosters are built to exacting standards, ensuring optimal quality, scalability, and signal connectivity, regardless of the complexity of your business or home environment.

As the first and only manufacturer of approved wideband signal boosters in Europe, our dedication to providing you with genuine, reliable, and durable solutions is unrivalled.

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